Helmet design competition: Nick selects his Top Ten
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The ten best of the ultra-cool designs you have submitted for Nick’s helmet now go through to Q3, with pole position to be decided tomorrow (Friday).
By Michael Oellers

More than 1,500 design proposals have come in from around the world in the last two weeks to ensure that Nick has a helmet he can be proud to wear at the Nürburgring. Nick put a lot of hard work into the selection process. He quickly reduced the entries to a long list of 100, and after many hours of pondering, he decided on his shortlist of ten for the 2011 competition. You can see the helmets Nick liked best in the slideshow above and also in a special Top 10 gallery.

Nick was delighted with the designs that came in: “Just like two years ago, it’s been immense fun for me to look at all the suggestions you have made for my helmet. It’s also very satisfying to see that the designs came from all over the world. Most of them have come from Germany, Poland, Russia and France, but there were also entries from Indonesia, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Algeria, Qatar and Lebanon. I actually found selection more difficult this year than in 2009, even though we restricted the number of entries per candidate to three this time, which cut down on the overall volume. Not everyone can win, and it wasn’t easy deciding on my Top Ten. This time, there is no runaway winner – I’ve got an idea of who it might be, but I haven’t quite made my mind up yet.”

But whoever eventually wins, his or her design will be used by Nick’s personal designer Jens Munser and Schuberth GmbH to create Nick’s racing helmet for the 2011 German Grand Prix at the Nürburgring. On Friday (tomorrow), Nick and Jens will announce the winning design here. The winner will be invited to hand over his/her helmet in person to Nick in the Nürburgring paddock.

At the same time, no-one who has qualified in the Top 10 will be left empty handed – each design that made it through to Q3 will receive an original LRGP cap bearing Nick’s autograph. The winner has the opportunity to get his or her cap signed personally at the Nürburgring. Nick will be signing the other caps on the day, so we would ask the other winners to be patient. However, if you are one of the ten winners, we will be informing you by e-mail.

You can discuss Nick’s choice in the forum and on facebook – we hope you enjoy looking at the selection and we are interested to see whether you share Nick’s opinion. In the gallery, you can also see all of the designs that were submitted.