Third practice: P13 with old exhaust
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Nick’s car rebuilt overnight – the new exhaust requires further testing.
The Nürburgring was even cooler this morning than the day before, the thermometer registering only 13°C by the end of the session. Nick’s car, which had been equipped with the new exhaust system for the whole of Friday, was dismantled and reassembled overnight. Although the new system produces faster lap times, it still needs further testing.

“We’ve gone back to the previous version,” Nick confirmed to “We’re confident that the new system is faster when everything is working properly. But with all the data we collected on Friday, there are still too many details to sort out and to change in the short time available. I hope it will be ready in time for Hungary – but even then, I’m not quite sure, because it’s a lot to ask in just one week.”

In the third session, Nick completed 18 laps and finished 13th with a time of 1:33.072 (+2.156) minutes. Qualifying begins at 2pm local time.