12h of Sebring - Nick in Bad Luck
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For quite some time the #12 Lola-Toyota, piloted by Nick and his teammates, stayed among the leading cars in the Sebring race, until a technical defect forced it down the line to end up in 32nd place.
by Michael Oellers

Simply looking at the Sebring results, 32nd place on the list with 29 laps behind the #2 Audi winning the race, could make one think that the #12 Rebellion Toyota, piloted by Nick, Neel Jani and Nicolas Prost was in no way competitive, acting something like a lame duck.

Taking a closer look at how the race progressed, however, one gets a different impression. Even only comparing fastest lap times shows that Nick’s team managed to get into fifth place which proves that the final result did not really represent their true strength in the Florida race. After more than ten hours of the race Nick still held third place behind the two R18 Audis  -  when a technical defect shattered the team’s hopes for a much better placement. Thus a disappointing 32nd place way down midfield and barely affecting their WEC points score (a mere 0.5 points) was all there was to show for Nick and his team mates. Hope for better results however remains with regard to the races still to come, because lack of speed does not seem to be the problem with Rebellion Racing.

“The race turned out to be somewhat disappointing”, Nick put on record that same Saturday night. “We’ll have to see where the problems lie. First of all now I’m going to spoil myself with an American style cheese quarter-pounder.”