Fans ask Nick
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Right before the highlight of the season, Nick will answer the questions of his fans.
My dear Fans,

after being absent  from my blog for a while, I think it is time to address my words to you again.

As you might have recognized, for me and my REBELLION racing team the first, hotly contested part of the season 2013 has been completed. Five races have been passed, with four of taking part within just five weeks. As we take part in the WEC as well as in the ALMS this year, the team has a huge logistical effort, because we’ve been under way between the USA and Europe constantly. But all the effort paid off: The results we achieved were promising, with the highlight winning at the seasons starter in Sebring (an abstract of the earlier season can be read here).  

Now we are back in Europe, focused intensely since a few weeks on the biggest race of the season, the legendary 24 hours of Le Mans.  Already next Sunday, the pre testing will take place in France, and in two weeks’ time, the main event will be started. I’m really looking forward to the race and hope, that we can link to the earlier success of this season and to our appearance in Le Mans last year, when we finished 4th overall.  

I’d like to take the opportunity and give you the chance to send me any question you’d like to be answered. I’ll answer them step by step the next weeks. You can send me your question by the contact form here on my webpage, or directly by e-mail at Needless to say that you can also use my Facebook ( or Twitter ( profile to provide me your asking.

I’m curious what kind of questions will be send in this time.