Between Enstone, Geneva and Barcelona
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Among others, Nick was in Enstone and at the Geneva Motorshow in the spare time between the Barcelona tests.
We had more time to prepare ourselves for the upcoming last pre-season tests in Barcelona next week due to the fact that the tests and the Grand Prix in Bahrain have been cancelled. We will be on the track from March 8th until 11th and I will be most likely at the wheel on the first and the last day.†

I continued my fitness program to prepare myself for the season within the weeks after the last tests at the Circuit de Catalunya, but also have been at some PR events for the team. For example, I was at the factory in Enstone with the other drivers to meet up with the partners of the team and present the brand new car. The R31 just got back from the paint shop where all those scratches and chips from testing have been patched up. It was a fun, relaxing day and a nice chance for everybody to get to know each other before the season begins.†

Then I was at the Geneva Motorshow with Vitaly and Bruno last week. We gave some interviews at the Lotus stand, met fans and wrote autographs. I also saw my former teammate at Prost, Jean Alesi, again. He lifted the cover of a white-carbon painted Lotus Evora ďbespokeĒ there.††

Iím flying to Barcelona next and hope to recover from a cold until the start of the tests. Iím really looking forward to return into the car. Before we leave for the first race to Australia, I will inform you at the end of the week about my latest impressions from the tests.