Fun memories from my trip to Berlin!
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Nick relates to his Berlin trip within the opening of the The Hideways Club's apartment.
The opening of The Hideaways Club’s apartment was a good opportunity for me to plan a small trip to Berlin to catch-up with friends and enjoy the city.

Berlin is an amazing and vibrant place where the cultural scene is so vast that you can go out any day of the week and still find an exciting event to attend. We arrived there on a Monday and we were lucky enough to catch a concert featuring Marc Ronson and MousseT.

I have traveled around the world and experienced a lot of different places but Berlin has this one particularity: the history of the city had such a big impact on the architecture and the districts that from one street to another you’ll think you’re in a completely different town. At each street corner you are confronted with Berlin’s past. It’s fascinating.

Berlin is one of the trendiest cities in Germany and has attracted a lot of artists, students, foreigners and business people over the years. One hardly finds native Berliners known for their dialect and direct approach but that makes it such a cool place and mix of people. I have been in Berlin a couple of times and I have to say, the locals are all totally friendly, informal and helpful.

On the day of the launch of The Hideaways Club’s apartment I had planned a nice tour of Berlin with a couple of interviews in the morning followed by a visit to Andreas Murkudis’s store. Located in the Potsdamer Street, Andreas used the space inside the store in a minimalist way around design and fashion to put the emphasis on the products. Furniture, interior design accessories, clothes and sun glasses displays create a very pleasant and unique shopping experience. I didn’t leave empty handed and bought a couple of nice shirts!

Being passionate about cars and having my own old-timer collection, my next stop was Classic Depot, known for their unique old-timers, all very well preserved. The owner was kind enough to show us a few models and we talked shop on each one of them. I could have stayed longer, but the sun was shining and it was time for me to take the Porsche 356 for a ride around the hot spots of Berlin, such as the German Parliament and the Brandenburger Tor.

We picked the perfect day, nearly 30°Celsius and blue sky all around. A trip to Berlin is only the real thing if you eat a “curry wurst”, a German sausage with a curry sauce, at a stand to the left of the Brandenburger Tor. Highly recommend. Such a blast!

Time was approaching for the official opening with an exclusive gathering to mark the launch of the Berlin apartment of The Hideaways Club. The apartment is right on Potsdamer Platz, with green views towards the Tiergarten, a huge park. At the front of the apartment you can see a bit of Berlin history where the famous East/West crossing used to be. In the same complex as the apartment, you now have film openings and VIP galas to look at from the lounge of the living room. Very unusual. As with the other apartments of The Hideaways Club City collection, it is very nicely interior designed, everything is taken care of, a great Apartment Host to help with all things to do and to organise. I can’t wait to come back to Berlin with my family!

Watch this space for the upcoming videos from my stay. In the meantime, check out the pictures here in my galerie or on my ambassador page of The Hideaways Club's website. Enjoy!