Surprised by the huge response to design-a-helmet competition
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Nick is excited by the response to his competition to design a crash helmet and wistfully contemplates what will probably be the last Formula One race at Silverstone for the time being.
These last few days, I have often taken a look at my website and must confess to being truly staggered and surprised by the response to my design-a-crash-helmet competition. Within a week, we have received more than 5500 design ideas from all over the world, and some of them are really brilliant and well executed. Your ideas have been simply fabulous. Amongst them I have found wonderful patterns and some unusual ideas, such as the coat-of-arms of the city of Mönchengladbach, the logo of the telethon and a panoramic view of the Nürburgring. Choosing a winner is not going to be easy, but don't stop! Please carry on sending in new designs or reworking your existing ones.

Because of the bumper number of entries, I've decided to award more than just one prize. We'll put together our Top Ten of the best and coolest designs, which will then go online here as a slideshow. The people who have sent in these ten entries will receive a rucksack plus an original autographed baseball cap from me. So you're all in with a chance of being a winner.

Next weekend, we will be heading to Silverstone – possibly for the last time as things stand at the moment. I'll really miss Silverstone if it disappears from the calendar for good. I never thought that the course was outdated. Highly traditional maybe, but not obsolete. Apart from a couple of exquisite corners, the special atmosphere generated by the fans will be missed most of all. I've often driven there and have always enjoyed it. It's where we competed in the Formula 3000 series, and I also did my first F1 testing at the 'Home of British Motor Racing'.

I finished second last year at Silverstone. In the chaotic weather conditions at the time, we made the right tyre choice, and I pulled off a couple of good overtaking manoeuvres. The chances of rain next weekend look slim. In the dry, you need a lot of downforce and a really well-balanced car. The track has a mix of fast to medium-fast turns, where it's important to keep up momentum. Tyre wear can be high because of the rough-textured track surface. Bridgestone will have the same tyre compounds that we used in Istanbul.

After the second major update in Turkey, including double diffuser, we will also be fitting new parts at Silverstone, one of which will be a newly developed front wing to improve the car's balance. We want to improve the car bit by bit for the races to come. We haven't yet written off the 2009 season.



For more informations about the British GP and all the results, check out the trackside menu.

posted on 19.06.2009
at 15:50
Comment 5 out of 5
My helmet is cool.
posted on 18.06.2009
at 15:55
Comment 4 out of 5
Hi Nick. Good luck for the GP. We know you are one of the faster pilots in the world.

I'll design more helmets to try to realize my dream to meet you or have an autograph of yours. Greetings from ITALY.
posted on 18.06.2009
at 08:16
Comment 3 out of 5
Hi there Nick! Enjoy the weekend at Silverstone...remember that this (possibly) last race there will be historic - and YOU are a part of it! Hope you do well....and to remind you of who you are...we need QUICK NICK to re-establish ae no doubt the "steady eddy"...but we know you as Quick Nick...PLEASE win!

Love you always

posted on 18.06.2009
at 06:03
Comment 2 out of 5
Niiiiiiiiick...piiiiiiiick me, please...... ;)

posted on 17.06.2009
at 11:26
Comment 1 out of 5
Hi Nick & Everyone,

I'm looking forward to news regarding results of the competition.!!!

So, good luck for all competitor,
Let the best man win!!! ( I hope that will be me) :-)