Nick about his current situation
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Nick wishes a Happy New Year and talks about his future.
First of all, I would like to wish all of you a Happy New Year and express my sincere thanks to my fans for the enormous number of Christmas and New Yearís greetings, which were also posted on my website.†

Of course over the holidays my current job situation did not let go of me, even after Michael Schuhmacherís decision was published just before Christmas. This is certainly a great thing for Formula 1 and I wish good luck to Michael and Mercedes. This decision affects me directly because it means there is a relevant less space for next year. I am not naive when I say, especially after the past few weeks, a lot of unexpected things can happen in Formula 1. Now we have to look forward and focus on the best long-term option for my future in Formula 1. I will continue to train hard, conduct talks with the appropriate people and to challenge my chance with all my might.
I am happy about posting something new soon and I hope in the coming weeks to be able to announce something concrete about my future plans.


posted on 12.07.2010
at 18:15
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You have to race again! Leave that Mercedes team and find a seat anywhere else, Renault, Wiliams, etc. You're too good to be the third driver, especially that I bet you would outperform N. Rosberg not to mention old grandpa Schummie.

Hope this is just one-season vacation.

Best wishes,
posted on 11.04.2010
at 17:15
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Hi Nick.

I am Farzad Edulkaka from the city of Mumbai in India,the counntry where you will be racing in Mercedes GP2011.I am writing in after some time.

I know what it feels like when u r almost there in the hot seat and still not there.

In fact one thing which I must make a mention of is with your style of driving with the BMW Sauber, u have on many occasions,driven

a.With a single pit stop.

b.One set of tyres.

c.With a heavy tank.

With these qualities under your belt its obvious that the teams are missing out on better results than they can get in the current position.

Looking at this I am sure you will get a drive for Mercedes 2010.I am praying for you for I do not remember how long and will continue doing so.

All I can say is PERSEVERE,the fruits of which are very sweet.

carry on and keep the flag of perseverence flying high.God is watching us from a distance.

posted on 11.03.2010
at 21:42
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The season has not yet begun, I miss you already. it will be too hard to bear Formula 1 without you. I hope you come back soon.
posted on 01.02.2010
at 12:25
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Hey Nick, I heard u took the reserve role for merc. Don't feel bad im a science student and trust me schumachers wounds will never fully heal due to his age ( thats why the 40's are called middle age) so then u could get the car and fshow everyone that u are and amazing driver
posted on 01.02.2010
at 12:02
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Let me know about your 'current situation' .
posted on 31.01.2010
at 22:54
Comment 29 out of 34
Hello Nick.
I wish your of good luck, and I trust in that that you leave on start in 2010. You one of the best pilots of the formula 1. I will always trust in you.......
Good luck of Nick, good luck.
Yours faithfully your fan.
posted on 26.01.2010
at 16:53
Comment 28 out of 34
Hello Nick,

I hope you get to drive in 2010 season, I think this is going to be the best F1 season ever, with so many great names racing. One of those great names is you. It would be a shame to not see you on the grid. I think that you would make a great addition to the USF1 team. We here in America love you, and we think that your modesty has sometimes been the reason why teams have overlooked your accomplishments. I think that your are a great driver and that you can be a great asset to any team that hires you. Best of luck and see you in Bahrain in March.
posted on 26.01.2010
at 01:50
Comment 27 out of 34
Surely reserve driver doesn't mean the end of your F1 career. I, like many, expect Schumacher to have neck problems at some point during the season. If he does, then you will inherit an excellent car and should finally get the chance to excel.
Best of luck.
Max Smoot
posted on 25.01.2010
at 20:06
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Has anyone else heard that Nick has signed as the third driver for Mercedes? Other than on F1 racing I haven't read it anywhere else and he wasn't at the launch today.

posted on 25.01.2010
at 18:42
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I am so sorry you won't be actively racing this year... :-(( I am so down. The tracks this year will have something big missing without you! I know you are always a valuable addition to any team and your input and experience will mean a lot to Mercedes as a third driver, though. But I cannot get over how much we are going to miss you!!! I am waiting for your comeback, Nick. You are certainly one of the best out there..!