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More than a sportsmen
Nick does his dream job with both passion and intelligence - and with an unflappability that comes from experience. The shaggy-haired driver maintains his poise in interviews too - when questions veer off the race track into areas such as art, fashion, travel or family. He manages to protect his family, yet at the same time doesn't feel the need to hide them from view. He has them with him as often as possible, and he talks readily about Patricia, his partner, and their offspring.

"Children are simply the greatest thing you can have," he enthuses, laughing about his son Joda, born in summer 2007, and his awkward attempts to walk, or the antics of daughter Juni, who is two years older. "I have a hard time being strict when necessary," he admits, "and it was something I had to learn."

The balance between self-discipline and freedom is something that's also important to him on tour. Although he is often the last Formula One driver to leave the track on a Friday evening, never satisfied until he has analysed and discussed every last piece of data with the engineers, afterwards he enjoys doing his own thing.

He likes exploring his surroundings wherever the job takes him. He enjoys strolling, shopping and visiting art galleries as much as larking about with the family at Disney World. Good food is a passion, but intensive workouts in the gym ensure there is never any risk of the muscular, jockey-sized driver ruining his figure. He is also quite a party animal. In 2008, he invited friends from home and the paddock to a spectacular bash on Lake Zurich. And having German band Fanta 4 come and perform was a dream fulfilled.

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