Facination | Classic Cars
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An abstract of Nicks favorite classic cars:

Mustang Fastback, year of construction 1965 | VW Käfer Cabriolet, year of constrction 1967 | Aston Martin DB 4GT (copyright: S. Diekmann)
Like most little boys, Nick loved to play with his toy cars as a child. At a young age, had already been bitten by the bug and counted several classic cars amongst his prized possessions. Today he is fascinated, above all, by the visual appearance of these masterpieces of automotive history.

"I like classic cars, not because I want to drive them fast,” he confesses, "but mainly because I like the look of them.” Having fun at the wheel is an additional bonus, but is not the deciding factor: "First and foremost, it's their appearance counts; that's what captivates me the most.” In the same way that he appreciates a work of art, Nick is attracted by the element of pure beauty.

Off the track, Nick drives a BMW 5 Touring xDrive and an X5, which are not only fun to drive but are also immensely practical for the family. But even the most beautiful modern cars do not appeal to him as much as the aesthetics of older cars. "I simply like classic cars better,” he says. Such as, for example, the soft-top 1967 VW Beetle: "I am incredibly fond of this car; my mother always drove a soft-top Beetle and still does today. For me, it is the most beautiful cabriolet in the world – because of the way it sounds, its smell and the memories that I associate with it.”

The Beetle, however, is not the only car that appeals to Nick. He takes pleasure in admiring beautiful cars, surfing the internet for his favourites and constantly making new discoveries: "Many of them are so expensive that I don't even think about buying. But I do get a lot of fun out of following the prices and putting together a small virtual dream garage.” 

Two cars that have firm places on his wish list for this imaginary garage are the Ferrari California Spyder, which has long been Nick's favourite car, and an Aston Martin DB4 GT. "In traditional silver,” he raves, "It is probably the most famous of all the Bond cars.” Another classic car that features on his list of favourites is the Mustang Fastback.