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The Canadian artist Zilon is Nicks favorite artist.
When Nick sits down at the dining room table in his home near Zurich, he has demons looking over his shoulder. Not because he is dining in a haunted castle but because he can see them in a painting by Zilon. The Canadian is his favorite artist and the creator of the painting entitled 'Demons'.

"At first glance, you only see garish lines of colour and thickly applied blobs of paint – all pretty chaotic,” explains Nick. "Then you pick out the faces of the demons. First, just one in the middle – a pair of eyes, a nose and a wide open mouth. After that, more and more – they are everywhere. You can make out three demons pretty quickly, but there are lots more to be found. At least 13.” Nick bought the painting (which he describes as 'exhilarating') in Montreal where he likes to wander through the galleries in the old town. He also likes to visit galleries in Zurich, his adopted home, particularly when he is able to look over the artist's shoulder and share the creative experience.

Architecture, fashion and art: Nick is interested in objects that have aesthetic merit. "My main focus of interest is modern art,” he explains. "It is a passion which has developed over the years.” There was no particular trigger. "I have always been keen on photography and Patricia has also encouraged me in my interest.”

Nick's fiancιe is fascinated by the Impressionists and is a keen painter herself. But neither of them sees the pictures in their home as investments. "The most important thing is that we have to like a picture,” says Nick emphatically. Of course, he also likes works by established, famous painters: "But the problem here is that it costs a small fortune to purchase one.”

Nick would not describe himself as an art expert: "I get deeply involved with pictures that appeal to me and I enjoy discussing them with friends. But the main thing I look for in a work of art is a quality that moves me on a personal level.” Like the bronze sculpture which stands in his entrance hall. "It's a Formula One car, but completely distorted,” Nick explains. "It's only when you look at it through the magnifying glass that is attached to one end that it straightens out again due to the curvature of the lens. It looks sensational.”