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posted on 31.03.2017
at 15:35
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Nick - thank you so much for making William & Thomas's day on Sunday at Shelsey Walsh hillclimb. You have 2 new fans! (and still one old one) All the best for 2017. Tristan.
posted on 12.10.2016
at 04:27
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Congratulation you stand on podium in Hong Kong Eprix and thank you so much for letting me take photo with you and signed on my shirt in front of your team garage the night before the race, this is one of the best moment in my life , thank you so much, wish you all the best through the FE season.

one of the track marshal from Hong Kong.
posted on 29.08.2016
at 00:22
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Hello again Nick . I cannot believe you cant be bothered to even reply to my many e mais re your refusal to sign my model car at this years formula E race . Please at least get back to me re all the messages ive sent , re 1 simple signature on my car !!! Im a genuine fan that is extremely gutted that u just totally ignored me ???
posted on 22.07.2016
at 06:49
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Hi Nick , my names Gary smith im writing to you , so you no how gutted , dismayed & heartbroken , you totally ignored me when i held up your jordan f1 car to be autographed at this years formula E race in london . I'm sure your never remember me , but please take 1 second & think from a dedicated fans point of view . That bothered to risk damage to 1 of there treasured possessions to just get signed . You looked straight at me , declined & bent down & signed a card from another fan !! I will never forget this & cannot believe ud be so cruel !! Even after I said please Nick please !! I just wanted you to no how dismayed & upset i was/am . Even still this is the 3rd message ive put on your site with out reply . I still wish you all the best & hope you carry on racing & hope i get to see you win the fomula E championship 1 day . Please remember people like me , who have supported you throughout your racing career !! And please at least give me some acknowledgement. Thank you & all the v best .
posted on 15.09.2014
at 13:56
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Glad you survived the crash this weekend Nick. Heart in mouth time watching that. And such a shame you didn't get the win your drive deserved. Great performance though!

Mick from England
posted on 23.10.2013
at 16:53
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Great win at the weekend Nick! Still following what you do. Will see you at Silverstone if you're still doing the WEC in 2014.

Mick from England
posted on 10.05.2013
at 03:18
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9.17am Malaysian time. 10/05/2013...HAPPY BIRTHDAY NICK!
posted on 27.03.2013
at 10:24
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Hey Nick! My sister and me, we just got back from Sepang for the F1 GP. This year marks year no. 15 for Sepang for hosting an F1 race and they have some past Saubers and BMWs F1 cars on display. There are 2 of the Sauber's cars bearing your name. Really missed you in the circuit!
posted on 08.01.2013
at 13:37
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concering this website, is it active or not?!!!!
posted on 07.12.2012
at 06:26
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Hey Nick! They say it will be end of the world on the 21st of December 2012. Well in my opinion, we should have no regrets. Whether it will be the end or not, you still have us here and I will still be planning ahead. I guess it will be a very busy winter for everyone....MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR!
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