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posted on 12.11.2012
at 05:15
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Hey Nick! We are still waiting for some good news. The F1 championship has been exciting so far but still nothing compares to having Nick Heidfeld on the race track!
posted on 02.10.2012
at 14:45
Comments 868 out of 879
Come on Peter Sauber, take all your papers out and let Nick sign in order for us to watch F1 again...
posted on 02.10.2012
at 14:34
Comments 867 out of 879
Nick shows huge loyalty to Sauber team for too many years, i think that they should repay him with a drive next season.....
For Sauber, Its a very good chassis these days with a Ferrari engine. This would be a good move.... All the best Nick...
posted on 01.10.2012
at 15:23
Comments 866 out of 879
Hi Nick,
Would be great for Sauber to have you there too...
posted on 28.09.2012
at 10:56
Comments 865 out of 879
Hey Nick! It has been awhile since I drop by here. Not because I am not a fan anymore but simply I have other more urgent matters and official duties to tend to apart from busying myself around motorsport which most of my buddies and associates think I am CRAZY! But fair enough, you have some updates as well and why I am here again is simply....I just could not stop hoping to see you in F1 again! Seeing those young drivers today, although talented but they lacked the patient and attention to details. Heard that Lewis Hamiltion is leaving McLaren for Mercedes. That's impatient to me when McLaren looks much more promising than Mercedes.
posted on 11.09.2012
at 19:00
Comments 864 out of 879
Hey, Nick! May be this is stupid idea, but you can try to replace Massa in the Ferrary team,what do you think?
posted on 20.07.2012
at 05:06
Comments 863 out of 879
Hey Nick! Enjoy the race that you will be in for the Porsche Supercup! Hope you win! Cheers!
posted on 04.07.2012
at 12:36
Comments 862 out of 879
Hey Nick! Great drive at Le Mans! Well, I guess there will be the same with Gold Coast, Australia. I just hope that I can catch the race on tv or online and also hoped that my schedule will not come in between be it personal or work. Cheers!
posted on 19.06.2012
at 00:18
Comments 861 out of 879
Well done to Nick and the team !
Great performance in France !

posted on 17.06.2012
at 15:37
Comments 860 out of 879
Nick!! Congratilations!! 4th place is excellent result! Looking forward to your further so good races!

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