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posted on 26.08.2011
at 16:03
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Lets hope Renault have brought lots of spares for this weekend, and take loads to Monza too, with Senna driving there sure going to need them
posted on 26.08.2011
at 15:28
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Cripes! He's just gone off again in FP2. I wonder if Renault have a driver sitting around doing nothing in the pits who might be able to do a better job?

OK, no more sarcasm (for now)

posted on 26.08.2011
at 11:07
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It marks me out as a very poor human being but I did get a moment of pleasure just now when Bruno Senna stuck the Renault into the barrier at Spa in wet FP1 and wrote off the back end. Now, tell me, who's a good driver in the wet? Oh yes, Nick Heidfeld...

posted on 26.08.2011
at 06:38
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Go to the court and get back the drive seat Nick from those money lovers.....
posted on 25.08.2011
at 20:10
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Can't be easy for Nick this weekend. Turning up to Spa is an impressive move, but not the most comfortable of situations for him. Good luck to him. I hope there are good things just around the corner for him (and us!).
posted on 25.08.2011
at 17:26
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Thank you maysun but I'm really too angry and sad to go to Monza without the chance to see Nick. I'm selling my tickets. My dream is broken. If I go to Monza and meet Lopez or Boullier bad things could happen, so it's better for me to stay home :-(
posted on 25.08.2011
at 14:22
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This is what you get when you sell your soul to venture capital. It's all very well Renault criticising Heidfeld because he did not perform as expected but perhaps they should look in the mirror first and have a discussion about their car.
posted on 25.08.2011
at 07:24
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(hello from Russia)
Dear Nick, plz do not be upset about it... It is political decision only.... Bruno is well guy, but management of LRGP made a decsion which based on money only.... All this season they "pushed" you but did not give a well car....
! Do not make hands down... Try to make this situation as new advantage for you....

2012-Force India, Sauber - why not?
All you fans with you

posted on 25.08.2011
at 06:49
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Nick... so bad news... It's always sad when money rules.I hope you'll get a new seat - may be in Williams (not bad times you spent there), may be in Force India... Or may be BMW in DTM? Wish you luck and all the best, you deserve it!

Your Russian fan, Nick
posted on 25.08.2011
at 04:24
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SO SORRY for you LUCAR! I was at the Malaysian GP since 2007 and I met Nick 2 years in a row! But I missed his return last year at Singapore. Maybe Nick will be there just to meet you! Cheers!
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