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posted on 25.08.2011
at 04:21
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Just as we thought talent is still something needed in seems like money is more important now that Senna's movie is out n raking in the dollars and guess who had that Senna's name? Bruno! Where is Bruno now? LRGP as a test and reserved driver. And because that Russian Rocket comes with money, the only one standing in Bruno Senna's way is the experienced Nick Heidfeld! So it must be LRGP needed money and Bruno dying to drive n tells them, I can give you the money. Lets bet how many points Bruno get in this coming 8 races. I thought he gets shoot around the 2 HRT cars! EB sucks as a leader. No motivation given at all but nagging every race!
posted on 25.08.2011
at 02:18
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Hello, I feel very much what happened today, I don't understand how Renault has been so stubborn to replace him by Bruno Senna. Much encouragement and whatever you do in your career you' ve got to know that in Spain you have always got a good fan, you' re the best driver, good luck an go Nick!
posted on 24.08.2011
at 22:56
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I'm so sad, I am going to sell my Monza tickets, without you there's no reason to go there.
posted on 24.08.2011
at 22:18
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Hi Nick

Totaly gutted with the news! I hope you make a statement and put the truth out there. If money is more important than your talents why don't they just tell the truth. Im sure you must be feeling sick of F1. I hope something new comes your way. We all want to see you shine!

All the best.
posted on 24.08.2011
at 19:42
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I'm astounded. Nick's decorum only highlights the apalling behaviour of his employer.

Desperate times for Renault, I hope he allows himself to enjoy their inevitable downfall.

Good luck to Bruno, I hope he I'd treated more fairly that his predecessor.

And, as we know with Nick, his next opportunity is just around the corner.

I'm so angry on his behalf!

posted on 24.08.2011
at 19:30
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I'm too sad, now it's official. My dream is over. This no longer a sport. It's a shame.
posted on 23.08.2011
at 20:59
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I'm hearing bad news. I hope they are not true. My dream was to mett you in Monza and I just bought my tickets :-(
posted on 23.08.2011
at 17:53
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Never trust French people.

They needed the americans 2 times in 30 years to save their ass and they hate

I am a french canadian and i prefer saying that my ancestry are monkeys instead of french bastards!!
posted on 23.08.2011
at 15:23
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It is a shame that Eric Boulier used Nick Heidfeld as a whipping boy this year. Everything that has gone wrong for Renault has been blamed on Nick. The reality is, that Genii capital wants to make money, what a shame...
posted on 23.08.2011
at 14:01
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Just want to add my support for you and your career.
I find the attitude of the management at LRGP to be almost unbelievable and that is only baed on what I can see in the media.
The car is not as good as it could be and you have managed to score a good haul of points considering its flaws. Somehow EB seems to regard the failings of the car the fault of the driver. I have never heard a team principle so openly critical of his own team. The man comes across as a bully; it's never his fault, always there is someone else to blame.
I hope you can get a decent F1 drive in 2012, maybe with someone like Team Lotus but who knows.
Good luck
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