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posted on 23.08.2011
at 11:17
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Shame on LRGP if they do this stupid move.
Nick, you are the best and I hope see you next year in a team where the talent is more important than money.
LRGP has not been fair with you.
posted on 23.08.2011
at 11:15
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Hello Nick,

I'm not sure what to believe about the Senna rumours. I'm pleased with what you've achieved this season. Just wanted to say we're all behind you and wish you the best of luck for the next few days.

posted on 23.08.2011
at 10:46
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I really hope Renault is not making the mistake of giving your seat to Bruno Senna. Wish you all the best!
posted on 23.08.2011
at 09:08
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Hey Nick! Just saw the news on the Bruno Senna taking your race seat! Seriously...everything that happens to me this week must a joke or dream or rather a nightmare! Anyway, keep your head up! You will always have my support, in fact all of us here....Cheers!
posted on 17.08.2011
at 07:44
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Dear Nick.
Hello from Russia, Moscow. (sorry if I do english mistakes)
I am watching you carrier, and I am sure that you are one of the best drivers these days!

"Renault F1" management too much push and criticize you. They should understand, that you are in extrimely difficult situation this year, because you've replaced Robert and it is very uncomfortable for you... Becuae you and Robert - PROFFESIONALS! and you understand each other....
I do not know many things inside team, but what I can propose: try to be calm and relax... even if they close your contract next year, you can win in races (you know it), you are very respect person, you have a well reputation and you have high speed on track..:) Everybody know it! So, please, do not take close to hart all criticizm to you. Try to provide conversations with Force India :)

Sergey Burgazliev
P.S say "Hello!" to Vitaliy from me (I've knew him when he was a member in russian championship)
posted on 06.08.2011
at 20:39
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Hello from Spain, you, re te best f-1 driver, good luck for the next races and quick Nick!
posted on 01.08.2011
at 19:25
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Renault should stop discrediting their drivers, they will never know how good or how bad they really are until they have a piece of machinery that is competitive and none EXPLOSIVE reliable car.
A big salute to you Nick ,my favourite driver who appreciates what he has and is respectful of the sport. Respect.
posted on 01.08.2011
at 03:29
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So GLAD that you are alright! I think all of us here whom are keeping an eye on your car, jumped a bit. With all the effort that you've put in and still being called the stand-in for Robert Kubica, I am just beginning to wonder did Team Lotus Renault sabotage your race and if this is by all means true, Vitaly Petrov is not anywhere near the points. If is it not true, then shame on the team cos it looked like the team is desperate.

Hopefully Spa will be better race after the summer break! Crazyshin....I was tuning live with my sister and we were like how come it is always HIS car!

Have a good break and come back stronger Nick!
posted on 31.07.2011
at 17:57
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I'm happy that you are unhurt, but the bad luck now it's really too much!
posted on 31.07.2011
at 16:03
Comments 750 out of 879
Hey Nick!

I did get terrified when I saw u ran out of the car... So glad that you are fine.. I just wonder what Renault was doing.. :(

Maysun, did you see that? Horrible...

Things are gonna get better for you, Nick. You are always in my prayer.
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