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posted on 13.06.2012
at 17:35
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Good luck this weekend Nick. Podium isn't impossible, it's a race of attrition.

Mick from England
posted on 12.06.2012
at 05:15
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Hey Nick! All the best at Le Mans!
posted on 18.05.2012
at 14:39
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posted on 10.05.2012
at 14:15
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Happy Birthday Nick!

See You soon in F1 again!

Best Regards,

from Hungary
posted on 10.05.2012
at 12:06
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Okay, counting back. It is late in my place but not at yours'. Lucky! Cheers!
posted on 10.05.2012
at 12:05
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Sorry for the pretty late one. Meant to do that earlier but got caught up with some official duties. Your birthday is always near Spanish GP and not to mention, near mine too. Missed all those F1 moments!
posted on 06.05.2012
at 06:45
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Hey Nick! Great results in Spa! It is too bad there's not much coverage in Malaysia. Congratulations!
posted on 30.04.2012
at 05:25
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Hi Nick! Wow, I thought I was the only one busy. You are one busy man too. F1 commentator and you on the wheel last weekend at Nurburgring and the next one at Spa....I wish I am in Germany at the moment to see you behind the wheel! At least I could escape all the stupid crap that is happening in my country.
posted on 14.04.2012
at 22:19
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Good luck in the China Grand Prix. I will be watching from the USA.
posted on 29.03.2012
at 03:48
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Hey Nick!

Sorry that I haven't been in touch for long. I had a pretty down time since you left F1. I'm glad that you are doing great, but it's just sometimes I still feel sad...

My life hasn't been so easy either. Hope you are fine with everything. I can't believe you were in St. Pete cuz I was there a week ago!!!

Good luck.
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