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posted on 26.03.2012
at 09:35
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Hey Nick! Goodness I am suprised to see Naji saying about you replacing Felipe Massa somewhere this season! My sister and I, we just got back from the Malaysian GP at Sepang International Circuit. To say it was a great race, I would say the race you were in last year was superb considering just on the 1st turn, the entire grid reshuffled in a way. Nonetheless, it was a good wet race and it reminds me of 2009 where u got 2nd. Missed the moment then. Well Sebring wasn't that bad....
posted on 25.03.2012
at 16:59
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Hey Nick, I dont know why, but i have a deep feeling that you will replac Felipe Massa in Ferrari later this season...
posted on 18.03.2012
at 17:43
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Hey Nick! I enjoyed watching the WEC last night - nice to get into a new sport. Your stints were really impressive for a 'newbie' and I look forward to following you this season. Hopefully you know your fans are still with you even outside of F1 - there was loads of people on Twitter and Facebook talking about you and excited to see you racing again!
Hopefully see you at Silverstone if you drive there! Best of luck for the season.
posted on 06.03.2012
at 06:42
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Hey Nick! Racing season is here! Get out tehre and give all you've got! Show the F1 community their mistake on not looking your way. We are looking! Cheers!
posted on 05.03.2012
at 03:18
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Wish you good luck in the new year. Take care and have fun.
posted on 08.02.2012
at 01:32
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Hi nick i have been watching you race in formula1 for precicely 6 years now and you have been my inspriation. Its such a big shame that no f1 team have even taken you into consideration to race for them. What the teams dont understand is that you need a tuned and paced car like the top teams and then you ( nick) can perform like nothing you've ever dreamed of. I hope to see you return to formula1 in the forth coming seasons because that is where you were and hopefully are good at. P.S congratulations on your new job as a endurance driver, hope to see you win this time rather than waiting a life time at formula1 to win a single grand prix!
posted on 02.02.2012
at 02:32
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CONGRATULATION NICK! It was a good news indeed. I have always wanted to know more about endurance racing and looks like it is time to venture into it! Cheers!
posted on 01.02.2012
at 15:50
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Congratulations Nick!
I have never followed endurance racing too much but we will travel from Toronto to Sebring on March 17, just to see you race.
Good luck with this exiting future.
posted on 01.02.2012
at 15:26
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Congratulations Nick for the new start and good luck.
posted on 01.02.2012
at 12:45
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