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posted on 26.01.2012
at 22:24
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Nick...Is this true? lion/
Your fans are interested in your future.
Please let us know your plans.
posted on 16.01.2012
at 09:22
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Happy 2012 everyone! I believe Nick is going to have a busy year ahead. Chinese New Year on the lunar calendar is on 23 January, hence another Happy Chinese New Year for those who celebrate this occasion no matter where you are. I am in Malaysia and it is an occasion that is well celebrated nationwide! Hopefully the year of Water Dragon will be a year we can all be happy about Nick! Cheers!
posted on 28.12.2011
at 06:39
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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year NICK,
hope this year brings joy ad success.

Cheers, Naji...
posted on 24.12.2011
at 16:03
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Happy Christmas Nick (and everyone else!).

I have lots of happy memories of 2011. Barcelona testing, Malaysian podium (which inspired me to name my new plant Nick Two), the wonderful Silverstone performance. Even Nick's decorum in the aftermath of Boulliergate! All fabulous.

I hope 2012 will bring new and different opportunities.

It's been a pleasure to support Nick, and to speak to every other fan on here.

All the very best to you all,

posted on 30.11.2011
at 18:01
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In a way I am glad Nick left in the middle of the season. If he had stayed till the end of the season, they would have made him the scapegoat for the whole debacle as they tried so hard to do. Now the truth is there for the whole world to see.

Nick, Hope you are able to give us some good news soon. Really hoping to see in F1 next season.
posted on 29.11.2011
at 17:00
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FWIW here are a few stats on the 2011 Nick/Bruno comparison:

Nick's highest position was 3rd
Bruno's highest (and the only time he scored points) was 9th

Nick made up total of 46 positions from his starting grid position
Bruno lost 19

Nick averaged 3.09 points per race
Bruno averaged 0.25
(And Vitaly averaged 1.95)

While Nick was leading the team Renault scored 66 points.
After he left they scored 7.

Thus endeth the lesson.

posted on 29.11.2011
at 09:26
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Hey Nick! I hope to see you racing in 2012! I have gotten some logistics planned! Cheers!
posted on 29.11.2011
at 09:25
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The 2011 F1 Season has finally ended and what is more satisfying is how many points Bruno Senna had collected during his drive. I think everyone agreed that he brings in more money for the team in terms of his own sponsors but when it comes to the profit sharing, he gets Lotus Renault nothing. Seriously, with Kimi joining the team, who will be booted? The one that has gotten the team more money: Bruno Senna or the one that has actually almost at par with Nick and has actually race in more stages:Vitaly Petrov. Wild guess anyone? With Vitaly spat with the team recently....hmmmm....
posted on 14.11.2011
at 14:58
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Latest Nick v Bruno stat:

In all races in 2011 that Nick and Bruno Senna finished Nick made up 46 places in total from his starting grid position to his finishing position. Bruno LOST 10 places.

posted on 03.11.2011
at 14:58
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2011 season is almost history. There are still good seats available for next year and teams who realise that an experienced driver is money in the bank.
Best of luck for 2012 in F1 -- DTM can wait.
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