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posted on 31.10.2011
at 18:57
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Couple of quick stats

Average points scored by Nick in his races for Renault: 3.09

Average scored by Vitaly Petrov 2.12

Average scored by Bruno Senna 0.33

Points scored by Renault before Nick was fired 68

Points scored after Nick was fired 4

Nick was 10th in the championship at the point he lost his job. He's still 10th, 6 races later.

posted on 16.10.2011
at 07:03
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posted on 16.10.2011
at 06:50
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szkoda że Nick ni ściga się w F1 to dobry kierowca i zawsze mu kibicowałem
posted on 15.10.2011
at 16:54
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posted on 15.10.2011
at 11:18
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Seriously.....just what has this current Senna has? He really makes Vitaly Petrov looked good...... And oh yeah...has he surpasses Nick Heidfeld in the drivers table? To think that money from Senna is already in use, Petrov might get the boot next if Robert can confirms his comeback.
posted on 10.10.2011
at 17:07
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And again the BBC said 'another good race by Senna'. Am I living in a parallel universe?

2011 tells us:
Senna, 4 races - average 0.500 points per race
Petrov, 15 races - average 2.266 points per race
Heidfeld, 9 races - average 3.777 points per race.

Eric Boullier doesn't appear to make the best decisions does he?

posted on 10.10.2011
at 16:53
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Bruno was spectacular again in Suzuka!! Is it a joke or what???
posted on 29.09.2011
at 00:23
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Well I hate to say I told you so, but, I told you so.
The use of pay drivers didn't pay off.Renault says they are barressed by their performance last Sunday. DUH !!
posted on 26.09.2011
at 16:31
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Greetings to Renault, Wonderful Singaporian race...
posted on 26.09.2011
at 11:56
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Strange comment on the BBC yesterday from David Coulthard: 'Another great race by Bruno Senna'. Can only conclude he was being sarcastic.

Wonder if Renault are thinking that maybe their problems run a little deeper than Nick Heidfeld yet?

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