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posted on 26.09.2011
at 00:47
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A little part of me was glad Nick wasn't driving for Renault today! Couldn't have happened to a nicer team...

I wonder how he's getting on with securing a seat for next year. Personally I'm hoping for a Kimi/Nick Williams pairing for 2012! Maybe wishful thinking.

posted on 20.09.2011
at 12:29
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I've heard a news, that LRGP wants to refuse Robert Kubitca in a place as main driver for 2012...
I would be so glad if Nick and Robert together(!!!) will join to Force India and will "wipe eyes" of Eric Boulier. :-))
I am a russian, and want that Vitaliy be successful in races, but I also fan of Nick and such piece of injustice about Nick and Robert pushed me to wish both these racers much more success!!!
posted on 18.09.2011
at 18:47
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Hi Nick, just wanted to say that I thought you were treated appallingly by the management within the Genii Lotus Renault team; they were very fortunate to have a driver of your ability driving for them.

It's a shame you likely won't be able to compete in the remaining races of the 2011 season, but I hope to see you secure a race seat with another team for next year. Best of luck with your contract negotiations, and I look forward to watching you race in 2012!
posted on 16.09.2011
at 15:04
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Heidfeld confident of 2012 drive, Nick told Autosport.
Williams, Sauber, Force India, even Torro Rosso with new owners... there are plenty of unsigned seats in the midfield. Why not? GO QUICK NICK!
posted on 14.09.2011
at 23:02
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Ok, this is Nick Heidfeld's guestbook and most of us are supporting Nick -
so let's stop talking about Senna.
(As a formula 1 fan for nearly 30 years I still like the idea of having a JPS look Lotus-Renault car driven by Senna.)
We will see how Bruno Senna will develop.
LRGP may loose a couple of points, but they will keep 5th position in 2011' championship. And they'll make some investors happy.
The other side of the medal is how badly Nick was treated. I don't believe he really had a chance under this team management.
I expected much more from Nick this year, more of Malaysian GP style qualifyings and races.
There are reasons why it not happened.
Team insiders could tell more.
posted on 14.09.2011
at 13:45
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Of course Bruno has been welcomed into LRGP, because A. His name is Senna B. He comes with all that tasty money! It's easy to see the appeal for a 'failing' team. There are too many variables to compare Nick with Bruno. What bothers me is that Nick was brought in to replace Robert Kubica. A driver who was paid money to drive for them and, from what I know, brought very little sponsorship. Nick is every bit Robert's equal in terms of point-scoring (arguably their strengths lie in different areas, but when it comes to points, the thing that matters, they were very equally matched). It was only right that he was afforded the same salary, support and respect that Robert Kubica would have been given. And I don't think he was.

It'll be interesting to watch what happens to this team over the next few months. Will they boot Bruno (and his cash) out of the car for Robert (who will want paying, and whose physical capability is uncertain). Remains to be seen. It seems to me the team is very unprofessionally managed. If I was a Robert Kubica fan, I would be hoping he would find another race seat in a 'better' team. It's what he (and Nick) deserve.
posted on 14.09.2011
at 11:19
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Can't disagree with much of that. I think Nick was always deliberately kept on the outer so they could make a switch like this should the monetary need arise. From the very beginning the support of the management towards him has always been equivocal.

Just one issue though. I'm not sure Bruno will be matching Petrov in two races. And 20 Euors says that Nick will outscore Senna pro-rata this season.

Fancy a bet? ;-)))

posted on 13.09.2011
at 23:11
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Mick, I agree with many of your arguments.
I also agree that Nick would possibly have done better during the last two races than Bruno.
And we all know that the Senna decision was mainly driven by business reasons.
But don't forget how difficult it is to enter F1 mid season (see Vettel's 1st GP at BMW Sauber when Kubica was injured). Senna is doing a good job and he somehow seems to be integrated better in LRGP team than Nick ever was. Give Senna two more races and he will be on Petrov's level.
Nick deserves a better environment than he ever had at LRGP. I always had the impression - from the beginning of the season - that Nick was not really welcomed there.
LRGP is not managed by racers, it is a part of a business plan.
posted on 13.09.2011
at 11:32
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Haltzenbach. I believe that you CAN compare the results of a young driver with those of an experienced one. If you cannot, who would ever waste money on an experienced driver? All the teams would sign rookies and, when that driver came last, say "it's OK, 24th for him, is as good as 1st for Vettel". But all teams want results, they want the highestt number of points they can get. Surely you are not saying that Renault replaced Nick with Bruno expecting to get WORSE results? That would be an extraordinary thing to do.

But even if you cannot compare the two, why would Renault take a risk on an unproven driver, over one who always scores good points? Surely money was the only motivating factor. Nick was being paid by Renault, Bruno brings with him four Brazilian sponsorships (so far). I'm afraid we all know why this happened.

Very few people here blame Bruno for Nick's predicament. But I think we might be allowed to point the finger at capitalism, and the unpleasantly corporate world of Formula 1 and those who run it.

posted on 12.09.2011
at 20:17
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