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posted on 12.09.2011
at 19:50
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You cannot compare results of a young driver like Senna with those of an experienced guy like Nick.
Nick was very good climbing up positions during many races, but he was less impressive on a single fast lap.
During practise sessions Senna started with slower lap times than Petrov, but he improved a lot and ended up with similar speed.
Don't blame Senna for Nick's departure - I think he deserves his chance. With every race he will improve his race craft.
It's a shame Nick could not drive the improved LRGP car. I guess he could have achieved a great result in Italy.
posted on 12.09.2011
at 17:47
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Whatever Nick would have done, he would have never won!!

If he would have dominated Petrov, they would say he did not dominate enough and that Kubica would have dominated more.

To be frank with you, Petrov is underestimated and he is not a bad F1 driver. Alonso got a taste of it last year and this year, Vitaly did the best he could with this R31 shitbox.

Let's turn the page and look forward!!!
posted on 12.09.2011
at 12:19
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I agree with Naji, and disagree with Haltzenbach. Bruno qualified behind Vitaly, apparently the attribute that led to Nick's demise (according to Eric B), yet for some reason Bruno is lauded for it.

More specifically in the race he managed ninth, a position Nick achieved regularly without leading runners removing themselves from the field in front of him and without Buemi letting him past without defending the position (presumably thinking he was being lapped by Button).

It's unfathomable that Eric B should claim to be thrilled by Bruno's results but believed that Nick's similar results warranted a sacking.

posted on 12.09.2011
at 11:05
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Bruno was lucky, first his bad start was nulled by safety car,he got rid of the slower tyre (that gave him 9th at the end), plus three or four guys that would have finished ahead of him were out at L3. His only reference point is qually, where he was constantly half a second slower than here-ridiculed Petrov. Yet being ninth in a very promising LR in such race conditions is ridiculous, although vastly slower, Alguersuari and Di Resta finished ahead of him.
posted on 12.09.2011
at 09:08
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It was too fun to show my Nick Heidfeld headband to Bolluier in Monza and see him looking down. You could easily finish at least 7th in Monza.
posted on 11.09.2011
at 00:12
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To be honest Senna really seems to be a talented guy. The second Top 10 qualifying in a row. It's not only a matter of money ...
posted on 07.09.2011
at 06:27
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Hey Nick! I am really wondering and hoping Sauber will overtake Renault in the constructors position soon! And also hopefully see how Bruno Senna waste all the sponsor money on thrashing the car. Will Renault be able to improved with more funding? I think it is highly unlikely without any real experience. I was ok when Shumacher took the seat from you in Merc GP cos he is after all 7th time champion. but a nephew of a champion, I really couldn't accept. To me, we had to have a certain level of experience to have a big profile. But in the recent F1 world, money is profile! Montoya and Kimi were great but look at them now. What a biased environment....
posted on 03.09.2011
at 14:29
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In Swiss Speedweek magazine's Hungarian GP issue the picture of Nick leaving the burning Renault was titled "Nick Heidfeld gefeuert" (meaning "Nick Heidfeld fired" (sacked)). OK, it was a play on words then, but based on rumours, for sure - and now it's reality and I'm sad that that was the last F1 race in Nick's career.
posted on 03.09.2011
at 12:33
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whatever you do in your life Nick, we'll follow you.
posted on 02.09.2011
at 22:44
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Ooh. Can I be 800th comment? Nick's F1 career is a metaphor for life. That was always part of his appeal. He might not exit the world of Formula 1 with the respect and recognition he deserves, but I know what he's made of and what he's about. He has been a joy to watch. I've loved every minute. If his future takes him down a different path, I'll embrace that too. Nick, you have the best fans in the world. I met my best friend through our mutual support of you. Thank you so much.

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