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posted on 27.04.2009
at 23:32
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Hi, Nick! I see you you have a lot of fans. Interesting, in other kinds of sport (football, tennis, etc) fan supporting tangible (appreciable). When you drive you don't feel it. How do you feel fan supporting? It's important for you? Do you visit Guestbook sometimes? Thank you!!!
posted on 26.04.2009
at 05:36
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our hope will never die!! and as heavy as your tank~~~!!
good luck!!
posted on 21.04.2009
at 10:58
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Oh he is, without a doubt. China was a typical example - without his collisions with Glock and Sutil's debris, he'd have made a great points finish - as it was, he was 12th, and that's all the commentators took into account. Monaco last year, when Nick went from 12th to 5th in only a few laps before Alonso tried a stupid move on him at the hairpin, was described by them as "another poor race". It drives me nuts. On the track, in race conditions, he's one of the top 5 currently racing without a doubt (and I'm struggling to think of four better drivers if they were all in the same car.... Vettel? Hamilton? Anybody else...?)

posted on 20.04.2009
at 22:47
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You are welcome. Yeah, I don't surprised to BBC coverage, Nick is always underrated, may be the most underrated driver in F1 :(
posted on 20.04.2009
at 18:03
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Aha, thanks very much. I was watching a recording of the BBC coverage because i was away until Saturday evening and they often don't mention Nick at all so I'm relying on seeing his name and time come up on the graphics. I must have missed the earlier runs (I was also fast-forwarding too because I was short of time)

Thanks for the link.

posted on 20.04.2009
at 17:51
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Hi Mick,

In Q1:

5 laps stint with prime tyres
3 laps stint with option tyres

In Q2:

3 laps stint with option tyres
3 laps stint with option tyres

In Q2 he started first stint late as usual then pitted for fresh tyres. If I remember correctly, his second stint was completed earlier than the others'. This may be confusing you. You can see all the stints from this link: g_times.pdf
posted on 20.04.2009
at 16:04
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Hi, yes, I got that he did two flying laps on his first trip out on the circuit, but did he not have a second run in Q2, after stopping mid-session? I don't think he did, but the other drivers all had two visits to the track. Or am I wrong?


posted on 20.04.2009
at 12:09
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In Q2 Nick did two flying laps. After the first one he was 7th and only 0.3 seconds off the 1st. But in his second attempt he failed to improve his lap time and missed the top-ten shootout by 0.010 seconds :( All of them as same as in Malaysia. First run was OK but the second run worse than the first one. He was very unlucky indeed.
posted on 20.04.2009
at 11:32
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Hi Nick

I'm always the optimist. Your strategy in China was great and would have brought points had it not been for Timo's crazy attempt to pass and Adrian's accident. You'll see it as a bad race but so many factors were outside your control.

One quick comment though - it's been a long time since I was involved in the sport so I don't always get the strategy, but in Q2 it seemed BMW only sent you out once. Were they worried about tyres? Another run (like everybody else did) would have seen you up in the top 10 - everybody improved on their second runs. That was frustrating.

OK. Good luck in Bahrain. Finish there and you'll hold the record for consecutive GP finishes.

Mick from England
posted on 18.04.2009
at 16:18
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Have you seen our BANNERs?!!!
they are just oppoist your pit!~~~
they will also beside you,when you get start tomorrow~~~
hope you like it!~~
we will wish to you~!
tomorrow will be better~~~
LEE (shanghai)
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