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posted on 16.04.2009
at 13:24
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Hi Nick!

Hope you win in China! Drive safely & Quick-Nickly!


posted on 14.04.2009
at 14:01
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Hi Nick.
I just wanted to thank you for the autograph at the Australian GP earlier this year.
Congratulations on your first podium for 2009! Best of Luck with the rest of the season.
Andrew Norwood (Melbourne, Australia)
posted on 11.04.2009
at 11:19
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posted on 08.04.2009
at 23:06
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hi nick,
great that you were on the podium!
and also nice sunglasses ;]
GL for nxt race ^^
gdbyeeeeee for now *waves*
posted on 08.04.2009
at 15:31
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All is remarkable, Nick! So to hold! Good luck further.
posted on 08.04.2009
at 09:04
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"Nick, im in love with you"
remember of these words, Nick?
im a girl with those words & gift of scarf for you ,i hope you like it, Nick

Congrats, for the podium, im so glad of it
i was waiting for you on the paddock, after the press conference, but.... i couldnt find you outside BMW Sauber garage.
its okay, i hope i can see you again & of course in Podium!!!!
Good Luck, Nick

luv u forever!!
Febia Ariana
posted on 08.04.2009
at 06:53
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I'm glad your efforts were rewarded. China will offer more. Hope your confidence level is gaining momentum as you figure out the car.
Getting a good qually position is in the cards so go for the gusto. Ten years and a improving BMW is on your side. We are all pulling for you, best of luck.

posted on 06.04.2009
at 11:39
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Superb drive Nick! Good to see you in Malaysia and feels even better to be able to see you on the podium in the only race I attend in the race calendar! Congratulation!
posted on 06.04.2009
at 11:17
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Great result Nick. Disappointing BMW called you in too early. With 5 more laps on the old tyres your wets would have been so much better. In any case, you proved yourself a master of rain strategy again. Great drive, so very happy.

On the BBC coverage there was no mention of you until just before the red flag but I was guessing you'd only stopped once and were still out there picking up places. Just like Belgium 2008 all over again.

Well done Nick.

Mick from England
posted on 06.04.2009
at 11:13
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Hey Nick just wanted to say that you are my favorite driver and will be supporting you every race this season! Best of luck!!

Greetings from Virginia,USA!
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