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posted on 05.04.2009
at 16:05
Comments 59 out of 879
well done nick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
you are QUICK NICK forever!!!!
looking forward to your chinese trip!!!
LEE from shanghai
posted on 05.04.2009
at 14:04
Comments 58 out of 879
well done great power and strength good strategy.nick we must take a good result to china,its very important to keep in high good championship careful with mclaren and china maybe improve the bad results and they push for a good careful in china.your faith fan marios akrivos in greece for at leart 9 years
posted on 05.04.2009
at 13:52
Comments 57 out of 879
Well done Nick! When it started to rain I was sure that you'll be at the podium, you are great when it rains! And of course you took the first points for BMW Sauber which is great!

Keep winning Quick Nick!

Athanasia from Greece!!!!!
posted on 05.04.2009
at 13:24
Comments 56 out of 879
Great result Nick. 2nd is the best possible from 10th on the grid, and your strategy was perfect. You're now best of the rest behind the unmatchable Toyotas and Brawns - keep it that way. You never know what might happen at the diffuser appeal!
posted on 05.04.2009
at 12:56
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well done Nick!

stella from greece
posted on 30.03.2009
at 10:46
Comments 54 out of 879
Nick, I'm sure you'll be feeling disappointed with the result, but - and it's a presumption I admit - second place was achievable had the first-corner incident not occurred. Strategy, KERS and judicious use of tyres would almost certainly have made that probable when you consider the drivers who DID finish 2nd and 3rd. It would have been fourth but when Vettel and Robert stupidly collided, I reckon you'd have made second. So keep up your hopes and focus on Malaysia.

Good luck Nick.

Mick from England

PS Only three more race finishes and you'll set a the record for consecutive Grand Prix finishes.
posted on 30.03.2009
at 04:01
Comments 53 out of 879
Win in Malaysia! My home race! I will be there to support BMW!
posted on 29.03.2009
at 14:56
Comments 52 out of 879
What a disappointing weekend from qualification to the race. Anyway, you could get good results but Rubens didn't let you. One thing to notice, when the safety car deployed you put too much distance to the prior driver, generally more than two seconds, when the SC comes to pit lane, you not only can't attack to anyone but also have to defense your position. The fifth-fastest lap of the race with damaged car is very good, which proves you are Quick Nick. Sorry for my English, keep pushing Nick, best wishes...
posted on 29.03.2009
at 11:54
Comments 51 out of 879
The first race always have a lot of accidents, but not to you! If Barrichello had started as he should to he wouldn't be at the back and close to you! I know that now you would be happy about your place at the podium, because you had a very good place, you had KERS and you had a very good strategy, so you would deffinetely had a place at the podium!
I believe that you can win the next race!

Keep driving Quick Nick!

Athanasia from Greece!
posted on 28.03.2009
at 23:13
Comments 50 out of 879
9th is not a bad grid place. And you have the second highest amount of fuel onboard so a top 4 is definately possible. A one-stop strategy with KERS is really encouraging.
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