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posted on 28.03.2009
at 15:43
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Nick I know that you are disappointed about your place, but is not your fault! I believe that the teams which have a different part at the bottom of the spoiler ( the part that helps the air flow), such as Williams, Toyota, Red Bull, Brawn GP went extremely well, on the contraty with BMW, Ferrari, McLaren! The good thing is that you can use the KERS and I believe that you can win the race tomorrow and the championship of course!

Good luck tomorrow, don't give up!

Athanasia from Greece!
posted on 28.03.2009
at 15:06
Comments 48 out of 879
Bad position.
I wish you the best for tomorrow!

Stella from Greece
posted on 27.03.2009
at 20:49
Comments 47 out of 879
Hey Nick!!!!!!!!
Good luck in championship 2009!!!!!!
BMW SAUBER best team!!!!!!!!!
Your WIN!!!!
posted on 27.03.2009
at 19:06
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Hy Nick.. You are the best pilot on a world.
This year, the formula 1 giv you one f1 champion title.
Good Luck,
posted on 26.03.2009
at 12:46
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Here we go. . .

This year you will show them all what you're made of, and I will be cheering you all the way!

All the very best of luck for this weekend. Keep safe.

posted on 26.03.2009
at 11:18
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New season is about to coming,go nick,go get them,win that race,good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted on 26.03.2009
at 06:33
Comments 43 out of 879
Nick all the best for this week ;)

posted on 24.03.2009
at 18:16
Comments 42 out of 879
Good luck this weekend Nick. Hope to see you spraying the Victoria Bitter all around Melbourne.

Mick from England
posted on 24.03.2009
at 05:10
Comments 41 out of 879
Hey Nick Heidfeld! Nice website! Its all new and there are more pictures of you and Patricia! Hehe. The 2009 is going to start in 3 more days! All the best for Australia! Have a great time there and I can't wait for Malaysia GP! I'm going again this year! i've never missed a year! Watch out for a girl who wears Prada aviator shades! Take care!
posted on 23.03.2009
at 20:11
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