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posted on 13.03.2009
at 05:12
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Hey Nick,

Congrats on your testing this week! Good luck in Australia! I'm sure you'll do awesome!
posted on 10.03.2009
at 13:25
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hello nick im a fun of you for many years.i watching you when yours first race was with car of still believe that you have a magical talent and you will win f1 from greece and i will not forget you in my life you are my best driver i ever see.i hope to sent me a message to see if you saw my sorry if i dont write well but im not very good in email is ' and my facebook is marios akrivos..good luck and you must have faith..i wish god to give you energy and beat everyone this season.. marios akrivos athens greece
posted on 10.03.2009
at 09:38
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Enough with ferrari & mclaren, its BMW moment. its your moment Nick. win the championship

posted on 07.03.2009
at 06:30
Comments 36 out of 879
Hi Nick! Hope you're doing fine! Can't wait for the new season to start! Hope to cya real soon in Singapore for the Singapore night race! Take care! :)

Daphne from Singapore
posted on 16.02.2009
at 00:22
Comments 35 out of 879
Hey Nick!

I like your style!!

Nicola xxx
posted on 14.02.2009
at 22:43
Comments 34 out of 879
hey nick great site
posted on 14.02.2009
at 18:25
Comments 33 out of 879
i wish all the best for this new 2009 season!!!!
go Nickkkkkkkkk
italy and i, love you!!! Sara
posted on 13.02.2009
at 20:01
Comments 32 out of 879
Hello Nick!
Your new helmet is very nice! I think the green is very nice ^_^
You are a very good driver and as always please live up to the name quick nick this season! but i'm sure you will because your a good fast driver!
i also like sunglasses! :D
posted on 10.02.2009
at 14:51
Comments 31 out of 879
Hi Nick!

I like your new helmet!
Good luck for the new season!

Stella from Greece
posted on 03.02.2009
at 12:25
Comments 30 out of 879
hello my name is medi from hungary and you are the best f1 driver in the world
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