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posted on 01.02.2009
at 18:51
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Nick, Best of luck in 2009. I hope the car will meet the requirements to challenge the front runners. Getting that first victory under your belt will be a launch pad for more to come.
Be safe, continue to be smart, and reject any thoughts that interfere with winning. Go get them !
posted on 31.01.2009
at 17:34
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Hello "Quick" Nick,

Best wishes for the upcoming 2009 season and the fight for the championship.

- Tracy, from Dallas Texas
posted on 28.01.2009
at 12:26
Comments 27 out of 879
I like your new helmet
Usually you use any blue helmet
And all of them are good
Your new green graphic helmet has made me who is not a green maniac become love the green stretch on your helmet

I hope in this session, you do not only get your first victory, but you will directly get your first world championship
Therefore, several people who doubt about you will know how fast you are

Good luck mate

God bless you
posted on 27.01.2009
at 23:22
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Heey Nick!!!
I am your #1 fan!!! Great website you've got here man! keep it up amigo
tc and hope to see you soon
Contisa B
posted on 26.01.2009
at 06:08
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Almost forgot.... Great new website. Get it done young man..... this is your year....Good luck, Mike
posted on 26.01.2009
at 06:04
Comments 24 out of 879
Nick I am a huge fan and live in the USA since 1990. I did follow your carrier since the beginning and think it is time for your final breakout performance. This will be your year and you will quieten your critics once and for all. I know you have the skill and now you have the means and race car to get it done. You are the number one german driver since Michael left. I did meet you once briefly in Indianapolis @ the FI grand prix. Good luck this year and be head strong. Your team partner has nothing on you and I believe that the combination Heidfeld/BMW is ready this year to run for the championship. Have a great year and stay safe. Mike
posted on 25.01.2009
at 16:01
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Hi Nick.

New website is pretty nice!

I believe the day when you become a champion comes.

Good Luck!
posted on 24.01.2009
at 20:59
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The time has come for you to show all the other drivers who's boss... Come on man, you can do me that 8 years of faith haven't gone in vain...

Go Nick!!
posted on 24.01.2009
at 19:00
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Hi Nick.

First of all: all the best for the new season. Hope you be in your old form again, like 2006 and so.

Beautiful new website, like it too. And your helmet is very nice, like the green.

Good luck in 2009. NH, new WC? (Hope so)
posted on 23.01.2009
at 22:45
Comments 20 out of 879
nick heidfeld A boy that this beginning of down and is all a promise of the f1 luck in this season 2009 from peru in southamerica
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