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posted on 22.01.2009
at 09:01
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Wishing you and family a world of good wishes. May 2009 be a pioneer year for many good things to come. Great website!
posted on 22.01.2009
at 02:38
Comments 18 out of 879
Hey Nick!
Like your new website.. Its great.. and yeah.. your new helmet too.. :D

All the best for this season ;)

posted on 21.01.2009
at 23:04
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posted on 21.01.2009
at 19:17
Comments 16 out of 879
Hello Nick,

New website looks superb, and helmet too but not the F1.09 :) I wish you all the best for next season.

Best regards.
posted on 21.01.2009
at 16:19
Comments 15 out of 879
A truly fantastic new website,excellent design + great features.

Good luck for the new saeson Nick,hope your talent is finally rewarded with the taste of champagne for your first victory.

posted on 21.01.2009
at 13:13
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nice photos and nice wedios..really beautiful website..
posted on 21.01.2009
at 12:27
Comments 13 out of 879
hello nick:
I really like your new website!
Good luck to the new season, I believe you will achieve your dream in 2009!
posted on 21.01.2009
at 11:56
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Great new site Nick. Good luck in 2009.

Mick from England
posted on 21.01.2009
at 06:29
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Hy, Nick!

I'm Gabor ( means Gabriel) from Hungary, and I follow your Formula1-life since you first sat in a Sauber.
I think, this could be your great year, I mean you'll have not just 1, but at least 3 or 4 win, bec. if I see it well, you just have to brake the ice once, and there is nobody to stop QuickNick!

Best wishes (and show the lion inside! :D )!

Gabor, one of your honest fun
posted on 20.01.2009
at 18:47
Comments 10 out of 879
Dear Nick, this new website is absolutely great. As a great fan for a quite a long time, I discovered today many things that I couldn't find before about you and it's pretty interesting.

I'm 17, I live in Paris and I hope that once, in a few years maybe, I will be able to play tennis against you (bet that I beat you ^^) or to go to a gallery together (in Paris there are really a lot of galleries), I'm sure that it would be an unique experience with you ^^.

In all the case congratulations for this fantastic new website and your new helmet, I'm sure that it's going to be a successful season for you.

Best wishes

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