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posted on 31.08.2011
at 10:21
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Mr.Money (Bouiller) talks about the better atmospher in the garage and the smiles on everybodies faces has nothing to do with the court case. The car went better due to the development carried out by NICK.. Senna and Petrov will not be able to develop the car so wait for more sackings when the Senna money has been spent and then Mr.Money smiles will disappear.
posted on 30.08.2011
at 13:54
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Did someone listen to Mr.Money (Bouiller) talking that the team were pleased by Senna's performance in the Belgium Grand Prix?
So why should Renault be pleased that he crashed into somebody before the first corner? If Heidfeld did that, they'd probably smuggle some explosives into his race suit.
posted on 29.08.2011
at 16:57
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Nick we are all waiting to see you back in action...when i heard that senna would replace you i was even more shocked than i was when bmw retired. I really believe in you and your abilities as a driver and i hope to see you driving an f1 car soon!

Greetings from Greece!
posted on 29.08.2011
at 02:40
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dear Nick
I'm sorry for what happened. I am a huge fan of yours and I came here to say that I really believe in you and believe that their title in the team will be recovered. As a huge fan of yours would like to say also that I and all their fans are on your side cheering you on! Do not lose hope!
kisses ♥
PS: Sorry for my horrible english, I'm from Brazil
posted on 28.08.2011
at 17:25
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Brilliant drive by Senna today,Mr Money (Bouiller) should be proud of him and his great ridiculous 13th position in a race that the king Nick should have been driving in...
posted on 28.08.2011
at 16:00
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Nice race Bruno....I saw Alguersuari write a subscription form to Bruno's fanclub during the race...
posted on 27.08.2011
at 17:54
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I'm not sure how 'honest' that qualifying position was. And anyway, as all us Nick Heidfeld fans know, it's not all about the qualifying *cough*.

It's not Bruno's fault (and he does seem like a nice guy) but I had an overwhelming desire to drag him out of Nick's car by that hair of his. Renault have turned me into a bad (worse?) person.

I guess there will be a few unworn Renault shirts this weekend. I know mine is languishing at the bottom of the laundry basket.

The Nick case should be viewed as crucial to the pay driver debate, but I can't help but doubt it will get the media attention it deserves. Senna's performance this weekend is coincidental. It wasn't the motivation behind his signing. We all know this. I hope Nick enjoys the race with a large gin and a shrug of the shoulder. We know the truth.
posted on 27.08.2011
at 17:05
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I was really sad when I heard the news of you being replaced :c

I must confess, I have only been watching this season since Montreal (rarely watching F1 beforehand), but I like your driving, particularly the good pace that you have. Eversince I did some research and found your record of 13 podiums and no wins I have been really hoping to see you break that :D

So it would be such a shame to see your career end, especially for me.

Best of luck Nick! Even if you don't get back your seat this year, you'd better be on the grid in 2012 >:[
posted on 27.08.2011
at 12:05
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For the time being,I never buy Renaut ^^;
posted on 27.08.2011
at 05:07
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Senna is really blowing everyone away with his performances this weekend....looking forward to seeing Renault have another fantastic qualifying performance. :( Miss you Nick
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