List of comments on '2014 Formula E Championship'
Hello Everyone!

It has been a while hasn't it! It's good to be back on the Quick Nick Forum! I hope all have been doing well.

I just finished watching the inaugural Formula E race here in the USA.....I AM GUTTED, absolutely GUTTED! Also, so incredibly thankful that Nick is okay, I'll admit I was very scared and shaking when I saw the hit. As soon as he climbed from the car and I knew he was okay, I was very relieved and also very angry at Prost who completely "ran out of talent" as they say.

I'm also very hopeful and optimistic for the future of this series as well as Nick and Venturi Racing. It's good to see Nick not only still race-y as ever but also the team looking so competitive. I'm excited for Nick to finally get the win!

Anyway, once again, it's good to be back on the forum! Wishing you all the very best! Nick, if you ever read this, we are still rooting for you in EVERY race! Glad you are okay after the terrible crash.

So what was YOUR reaction to the Formula E race?? Take care all!