List of comments on 'The Future'
Hey guys,

Well, a lot has happened this past week and none of it has been positive. Phil and Ann were absolutely right in their predictions about Nick's future with the Lotus-Renault team. It was expected that Senna was going to race in Brazil but good ol' Eric stopped any hope of that happening.

I believe Nick was treated extremely unfairly during his tenure at Renault and the unrealistic expectations of him were hindered even more by a ridiculously, under performing and dangerous car. I'm glad Nick is taking legal action against them. Though, he may not win anything, I'm glad he's not going without a fight since Nick's ALWAYS been a fighter. Looking forward to hearing more about that as time moves on.

Well, this is just me kinda rambling my frustration. It sucks to not have your favorite driver racing. While I try to be optimistic about the future, I'm finding it a bit hard. Though, Nick has surprised us all before, and we've all been here, so let's see what the future brings. I will NOT be pulling for LRGP anytime soon however. Wishing Bruno good luck because he's going to need to be better then Vettel to survive this season with the team.

So on a lighter note, I hope everyone's breaks were good, safe and fun. Glad to hear Mick got back from Australia all safe and sound. So tell the forum, what are your plans for F1? You guys still going to watch the races? (I assume so, for I am.) If so, who will you be pulling for? I don't think the passion and excitement will be felt with Nick not racing but it's hard not to get excited about Spa. Here's to a good race and I'll look forward to hearing what you guys have got to say!

All the best everyone,
Hi Brendan,

I'm gutted. I suppose we all knew his Renault contract wasn't forever, but what really hurts is the way he's been treated. I thought any developments would happen immediately after Hungary, and was quietly confident about him bring in the car for Spa for the last week or two.

The only positive to come out of this is that Eric Boullier's delightful personality has been revealed for all to see. And that Nick isn't taking it lying down- like you I'm not entirely confident about the outcome, but he's doing the right thing and when he looks back on this chapter in his life he will always know he gave it all he could.

I'm not sure about the future. I slept in this afternoon(!) and missed the first 8 laps. And I didn't care- I guess that says it all! I've always had a lot of time for Jenson Button and Nico Rosberg but neither are Nick. I hope he's back for Singapore, if only so I can look forward to the rest of the season. I'm hopeful for next year, some team would be delighted to have such a committed, polite and professional driver, not to mention his ability to get the best from a distinctly average car.

I was holding it together until I saw he'd dropped a place in the WDC standings after the race. It's just so unfair. But we can't dwell on that. Onwards and upwards for him.

And what was intensely frustrating about it all was Eric Boullier saying Vitaly had outperformed Nick this season when (prior to Spa) Nick was demonstrably ahead of Vitaly in the championship. Unless Renault believe that qualifying is more important than race points - maybe they do... strange team. Yet no journalist actually picked him up on this.

I quite like Karun Chandok and also like Esteban Guiterrez whom I've seen in GP3 and GP2 (but not F1 yet). Jerome D'Ambrosio seems good value and a decent bloke too. But as Ann says, they're not Nick.

Anyway, tuned in to the Belgian Grand Prix at the weekend to see Bruno pick up a hatful of points now that Renault have a great driver in their midst... but couldn't see him on the leaderboard anywhere. Nice to see the Renaults finish the race without setting on fire though (although Vitaly looks like he's next for the 'odd mechanical moment of the weekend' award sponsored by LRGP considering all that brake dust and the way he had to park his car).