Experience Formula One live with Nick: Introduction to Nick's Fan Club.
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F1 events, test drives, Christmas party or Race Day – Nick's Fan Club offers the opportunity to get close to Nick and the world of Formula One, putting you in pole position.
A Formula One driver would be nothing without his fans. That's one aspect of this sport that Nick has always been keenly aware of. So early in the year 2000, he got together with a few of his best friends in Mönchengladbach to found the official Nick Heidfeld Fan Club.

Nine years on and this club has become a prominent feature in the German F1 landscape. It has received frequent accolades from the press and it is highly effective in involving supporters of this popular German driver in the action. Members of the club have the opportunity to experience Formula One live and closeup for a one-off initial subscription and otherwise very reasonable charges to cover the cost of any activities they participate in.

For many members, the highlight of the season is the trip to see Nick testing out the car, generally at the track in Barcelona. A visit to the paddock and the pit lane as well as the chance to hear from Nick in person about the way things are going are all part of the tradition, alongwith a lap of the Catalonia circuit in a bus – with no less a driver than Nick himself.

But also at the annual Christmas party Nick always puts in an appearance, at the Fan Club Race Day and the Karting event, the fans can get behind the wheel themselves.

So there are plenty of good reasons for signing up as a member of Nick's Fan Club. You'll find a link to the club and the opportunity to register at the bottom of this page.

Next event: Trip to the F1 tests in Barcelona, 6th - 10th March 2009. You can find further information here or on the pages of the Nick Heidfeld Fanclub.

Link to Nick's fan club
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