Design Nick's helmet!
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The helmet designer competition 2011 is over - Nick and Jens Muser will look through your designs and select their favourite one. The winning helmet and the Top-10 will soon be published here.
Nick and Jens Munser are selecting their favourite design at the moment - in a few days they will tell you who are the lucky winners of the competition!

The best design will be picked out by Nick together with his long-established and highly regarded helmet designer, Jens Munser. This motif will then be used to decorate a helmet supplied by the manufacturing company of Schuberth, which Nick will wear during the German Grand Prix to be held at the Nürburgring on the weekend of 22nd - 24th July 2011.

But that's not all: the winning designer will be invited to the paddock to present the helmet in person to Nick on Friday 22nd July. The winner and a companion of his/her choice will also be given free entry to the Nürburgring over the race weekend with seats in the grandstand.

When Sunday's race is over, the helmet will be presented to RTL for the broadcaster to use as a fundraiser during this year's TV charity marathon on behalf of its own 'Wir helfen Kindern' appeal.

Also we will put together our Top Ten of the best and coolest designs, which will then go online as a slideshow. The people who have sent in the entries place two to ten will receive a rucksack plus an original autographed baseball cap from me.

All designs which were submitted by 12th July are on display in a special gallery, Nick and Jens are selecting their favourite at the moment.

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