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Nick about the race, his expectations for Istanbul GP and his thanks to the fans and user of nickheidfeld.com.
posted on 30.05.2009
at 22:26
Comment 8 out of 8
Hey Nick,
you look very tired in this video, I guess you have been working on the car very hard, and been concentrating a lot, if hope I do the same when I join Formula 1, cya soon...
Love Bettz xxxx
posted on 28.05.2009
at 08:08
Comment 7 out of 8
Hi Nick, finally i can watch the video fully

i will keep support you whatever the result be
& i do like your homepage, i always browse to your homepage everyday
coz i feel close to you everytime
hope i can meet you in Singapore GP again :)

good luck for the next races

febia (Indonesia)
posted on 26.05.2009
at 20:15
Comment 6 out of 8
Hi Michael, now is everything alright, thanks. :)
posted on 26.05.2009
at 12:20
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Hi NickF1 and all other user,

is there still a problem with the video stopping after 1:20 min?

The video is running well here on our computers...

Michael (Editor)
posted on 25.05.2009
at 18:39
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I made a mistake
what I meant is person below me

Next 2 weeks
your real battle will start

Your fan from OZ - Indonesia
posted on 25.05.2009
at 18:36
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Yeah I also agree with persona above me
when watching F1, I'm always accompanied by live timing (thanks to the F1.com), therefore I can compare your lap time
like last Sunday

You are already pretty fast (9nd fastest) with a doubtful car to achieve point
Even, you have made a step closer to reach point when you had been close enough to Fisi who at the last was not so far from Bourdais in P8
Until your super soft tyre ruined it

However, it's still a really gentle fight with Hamilton in the last laps
That, one again, shows that you are seriously fast (just like in Spain, when you also blocked him)

I can't wait to watch your performance in Istanbul
Perhaps podium is little big job
But P6-P4 seems to be possible
Then there is also a possibility for you to repeat your best performance in 07, four times P4 ^^

good luck mate
posted on 25.05.2009
at 13:22
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Thanks Nick for these videos and for all explanations live. I can watch this video by end, came to me to 1:20 and then back to start. I hope that will fix soon. About Instanbul, Nick I really hope that you and your team will get quick car and more good updates, you need great results and we wanna see you on podium in Instanbul. Good luck in these 2 weeks and take care! Ivica your big fan from Croatia.

p.s. sorry for my not good english.
posted on 25.05.2009
at 02:09
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Hi Nick,you did well this race,just the car simply not fast.........
hope we will bounce back to the top by the DDD on Turkey.......