Nick campaigns for
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In a television commercial Nick is currently advertising the advantages of the price comparison portal on the internet (The spot is only available in German!).
By Michael Oellers

Comparing prices is booming: Just now in the time of the financial crises it is worth it taking a precise look at saving money for insurance, his contract for mobile phone, or the supplier of electric energy by choosing an other company which offers the same service. bundles the comparisons for these and more, very different products on a platform and thus makes is totally easy to change. That also convinced Nick, so that he is now advertising exactly these advantages in a current television commercial for .

Aside, is a product – as price comparison for bank products, insurances, DSL, electricity, gas and shopping including saving promise: Compare 5 products and save, after taking out at least 200€; comparing your current contacts. Otherwise, you get a Sixt- rental car of the category “BMW 3 / Mercedes C-Class” for free. The saving promise applies to products which most households normally already have. In the current television campaign by Nick, the saving promise applies to the following products: electricity, DSL, automobile insurance, giro account, daily benefit, credit, credit card, mobile internet, gas.

Do it also like Nick and compare your pay scales on .